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At Franklin Ranch we believe health, fitness, and well being are important for every pet. To support our philosophy, we offer an array of services. Please click on one of the following links for more information.


Is your pet unhappy when left alone? Do you worry about your pet when you are at work during the day? Some pets become anxious or suffer high levels of stress when left alone, which can lead to destructive activity.

When you choose Franklin Ranch, your pet can spend the day lounging in one of our large lofts or cat condos, supervised by our caring, friendly staff. We provide two outdoor breaks, and for a nominal fee, your pet can enjoy one of our private playtime sessions or some one-on-one attention in our “Zehn” room with a staff member. We look forward to being your daycare provider!

Daycare Hours
Mon-Fri: 7:00 am – 6:30 pm
Sat-Sun: 9:00 am – 6:30 pm

Pets not picked up by closing will be considered overnight boarders and will be charged accordingly.

Canine Guests
One Dog: $25/day
Two Dogs: $45/day
Three Dogs: $60/day

Feline Guests
One Cat: $15/day
Two Cats: $28/day
Three Cats: $40/day

Additional Services
Snack (Peanut Butter Kong): $3
Indoor/Outdoor with Staff Member: $7.50

Exercise and Play

The staff at Franklin Ranch believes that exercise, play, and relaxation are important for all guests regardless of size and breed. For a nominal fee, we provide private playtime sessions, which allow guests to receive the undivided attention of a hotel staff member for some one-on-one playtime in one of our play areas.

To promote exercise, fun and stimulation, we have created three separate play zones, including an outdoor pet park and indoor play area. Our indoor play areas are exceptionally clean with non-skid epoxy floors for safety and plenty of toys for constant entertainment. Our outdoor pet park has a walking path, outdoor recreation equipment, and plenty of freshly manicured green grass for running.

When it is time to slow things down a bit, we offer our “Zehn” room for rest and relaxation. This is an excellent environment for guests that may suffer from separation anxiety or are just a little nervous about their new surroundings. It is a quiet room with a more intimate environment, where your pet and a staff member can spend time together watching TV and getting a belly rub–just like home!

  • Private Play Sessions – $7.50
    indoor/outdoor with a staff member
  • “Zehn” Room – $7.50
    relaxation with staff member
Other Services

At Franklin Ranch, we work hard to satisfy all of our guests’ needs. Please select from the following specialty items to make your pet’s stay even more comfortable.

Orthopedic Bed: $3/day
All-Natural Diet: $2/meal
Extra Meal: $2
Snack (Peanut Butter Kong): $3

For our guests with medication requirements, we are able to accommodate the following applications. All medications must be in their original container.

Oral Medication: $2/dose
Injectable Medications: $5/dose

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