Keep Your Pet Hydrated During the Summer

Summer is here, and it’s crucial for pet owners to remain vigilant in ensuring their furry companions stay well-hydrated. With the warmer months posing a risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration, these issues can have serious consequences for your pet’s health, even leading to potential fatalities. However, preventing dehydration is relatively straightforward—ensuring your pet has continuous access to fresh water can make all the difference. By taking this simple measure, you and your furry friend can look forward to a fun-filled and enjoyable summer together.

The Importance of Water

In addition to providing a source of hydration, water serves a vital purpose in regulating body temperature and helping maintain organ health. A lack of water can cause dehydration, which can manifest in symptoms such as lethargy, dry gums, sunken eyes, and panting.

Avoid Dehydration

An easy way to avoid dehydration in pets is by monitoring their water intake and providing indoor and outdoor water. If your pet is more active than usual during the summer, it is essential to provide additional water as they lose fluids through panting and sweating.

Picky Drinkers

Some pets may be picky about the quality of the water they drink. To ensure your pet drinks enough water, provide clean and fresh water. Add fruit slices, ice cubes, or broth to the water to make it more enticing. Additionally, pets may prefer running water, so integrating a pet water fountain may be a good option.

If you notice your pet is not drinking enough water or showing symptoms of dehydration, contact us immediately. Veterinarians can provide essential care when handling severe dehydration cases. They may conduct a hydration test and administer subcutaneous or IV fluids.